Miele TMG440WP – Wash Cloths On Simple Touch

Posted on Jun 29 2015 - 5:09am by Brad Haddin

The Miele TMG440WP is the company’s cost no object for the perfect result tumble dryer and comes to the test bench bristling with specialties. The heat pump technology aims to reduce electricity costs by half or even greater and its feature provides a usage forecast during the cycle and a full electricity usage summary at the end.


The machine accepts Miele’s sweet capsules that inject delicate fragrance into the load, leaving your laundry smelling fresh and often floral, even for several weeks in the cupboard. It is a full load and moisture sensing machine with automated drying and offers a number of crease reducing features, such as steam injection and gentle smoothing drum action.

Like To Use

The curriculum count is kept to a minimum of choices as this machine does a lot of the load sensing and setup for you. The drum is lit by bright LED’s to ensure leaving a sock in the dryer is a thing of the past. Styling is suitably clean and little industrial with the main fascia offering a traditional rotary program selector as well as an electronic display that offers a range of information, icons and warnings. Buttons require a solid press and tiled with a positive click and everything from the door opening to the condenser door has a very strong feel.

Is It Noisy?

It is by no means noisy, but that is about average for a premium tumble dryer. Most washing machines will be considerably quieter than this during their wash cycle although much noisier on spin. The 62-64dB is around the same volume as normal speech, so while the T1 is a long way from being obtrusively noisy, we expected a little more peace and quieten for the not inconsiderable asking price.

What Type Of Programs Does Miele TMG440WP have?

Many of these programs offer up to five levels of dryness, too normal plus, normal, slightly dry, hand iron and hand iron plus. As there are no hard and fast parameters on what makes up exactly how much moisture should be left for the likes of ‘little dry’, getting to grips with these levels of dryness will be trial and error until you familiarize yourself with the machine.


Yet another reminder that Miele rarely disappoints but this is a fantastic machine.