Nitro R9 390 8G D5 By Sapphire: Glorious Textures

Posted on Oct 1 2015 - 5:32am by Brad Haddin

The most tested graphic cards series of AMD is 300 which has completely become famous by benchmarking and its specs. The tests based on AMD’s 300 series, Sapphire helped fill that gap for us, sending its Nitro R9 390 8G D5, which is an overclocked Radeon R9 390.


The Radeon R9 390 is based on AMD’s GCN architecture, shared by all of the company’s current graphics products. It supports the same features as the other Hawaii-based cards, such as DirectX 12 in Windows 10 and TrueAudio to accelerate optimized games.

The R9 390 supports AMD FreeSync and resolutions up to Ultra HD. These cards also support AMD’s LiquidVR, which enables characteristics like asynchronous shaders and direct to display VR (virtual reality) HMD support.

The R9 390 is the most affordable option to offer that much memory. Naturally, it is only worth chasing a card with 8GB if the board is fast enough to drive the high resolutions and detail settings capable of pushing beyond the bounds of 4GB.

Sapphire’s Nitro R9 390 8G D5 looks similar to the Fury Tri-X I. It characterizes a similar shape and size. In reality, it employs as well a Tri-X cooler without the added colors. The Nitro edition card features a much subtler black color scheme with grey and silver accents, which will be easier to match with other components.

R9 390’s PCB is rather long. Not counting its bracket, the circuit board measures 10.5 inches long. When you count the shroud’s full length, though, it is 12 inches long without the bracket. Or, add 15-mm to count the bracket.

At the thickest point, the R9 390 Nitro measures 45-mm. It would be a tight squeeze to fit two of these side by side. For this rating, all tests run on the R9 390 Nitro Overclocked are executed using AMD’s 15.7 Catalyst release. An R9 380 is thrown in for comparison at 1080p, if only for a bit of functionality perspective at different price points. That board was tested using the 15.7 Catalyst driver as well.

Sapphire’s Radeon R9 390 Nitro offers a enormous value for the money. It runs very quietly and has functionality that outpaces the competition.