BACtrack Skyn Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Posted on Jun 22 2016 - 5:23pm by Chris Tomaino

A BRAND-NEW wristband that monitors blood alcohol levels via sweat on the skin has won a $200,000 US national contest to design a wearable biosensor device along with its Skyn wristband monitor that tells you whether your blood alcohol levels are too high.

The technology will give the alcohol research community a new tool to keep track of drinking habits, whether it be for a medical or legal purpose.

The wristband is also linked to an app that offers real-time monitoring of alcohol levels and also can even alert the user’s smartphone to tell them when they’ve been drinking too much.


You blow into the Breathalyzer for three to ten seconds and it senses the alcohol in your breath. You can send a selfie via the application showing it is really you blowing into the device and not some dedicated driver doing double duty. Well, the new Skyn does the same thing but you wear it on your wrist. And rather than measure booze on your breath, it reads your sweat.

Skyn advantage is that continuous monitoring can give you or your physician information across time. Continuous data has greater usefulness than the single-point-in-time measurement you get from breath tests or blood tests. After data is transferred via low power Bluetooth to a smartphone, it’s saved in sessions.

Although this is not the 1st transdermal alcohol monitor on the market, it is the first time a device has been paired with an app so extensively.

The company has not said how much the devices will cost, but they have confirmed it will be available in limited numbers by end of the year.