VoIP Phone Systems for Business Help Your Business Avoid These 8 Headaches

Posted on Sep 7 2015 - 3:21am by admin

VoIP PBX Systems offer many important benefits to companies of all sizes and eliminate a number of problems that are associated with owning and maintaining traditional on premise PBX. Here are some of the top headaches that VoIP PBX Systems can help your business avoid.

VoIP Phone Systems

  1. Difficult Moves

Moving is a time consuming and stressful process, with a long list of tasks that must be completed, to get your business operation up and running again, at normal capacity. And in this regard, there’s no way to get your business functioning normally, without access to your phone system.

Moving a traditional on premisePBX business phone system and its associated phone services can be difficult. As a result many companies decide to get a new VoIP Cloud based phone systeminstead of moving their existing system to the new location.

When companies switch to a VoIP Phone System, they never have to worry about the complex logistics of physically moving a phone system to another location, or the expense that comes with it. This is the beauty of a Cloud based PBX phone system.

  1. Wasted Space & Energy

Traditional phone systems require extra space, to store the telephone hardware that supports communications at your organization. When your business switches to a Hosted PBX Service, dedicated space for phone equipment will be a thing of the past, since no physical hardware is required.

VoIP PBX Systems are also the eco-friendly option for enterprise communications, reducing on-site energy usage, by eliminating hardware that must be powered and cooled 24/7/365. Your business will also be reducing carbon emissions in the environment by reducing service calls to your business. The phone system is managed by the VoIP Provider and your services are provided through the cloud.

  1. Repair & Service Delays

When your business uses a traditional phone system, you can be left hanging for days or weeks, when you need to make a change like adding a new extension, or you need a critical repair to your business phones or equipment.

There are only so many hours in the day and there are only so many service technicians available, , making it a challenge to get timely service, when you need it most. Cloud based phone system solutions eliminate the need for a majority of onsite service calls.

You’ll never have to worry about service availability, or the expense of each service call, with a VoIP PBX System, because there’s no phone infrastructure or costly phone hardware to buy, maintain or repair.

  1. Expensive Upgrades

Expanding your company’s phone infrastructure and adding new features can cost your business a bundle, under the traditional on premisePBX phone system model. VoIP Phone Systems allow your organization to save thousands of dollars in the long run, by providing regular automatic phone system upgrades from your service provider.This makes VoIP PBX Systems a better value for most businesses today.

  1. Poor Scalability

One of the Best VoIP Solution features, is the expansion capabilities that it provides for your phone system. With traditional business phone systems, your primary options for expansion are adding more Analog POTS Lines, or adding PRI Circuits. Both of these options frequently forces you to buy far more bandwidth (i.e. phone lines) than what’s actually needed.

VoIP PBX Systems offer a better solution, allowing your business to add the exact amount of additional bandwidth (i.e. phone lines). You’ll gain access to flexible provisioning, which provides your business with the exact amount of calling capacity that’s needed, on-demand.

  1. High Domestic Long Distance Calling Rates – Using a traditional phone provider for domestic long distance services is quickly becoming a thing of the past for many businesses, since VoIP PBX Systems offer calling plans with long distance rates that are significantly less than the rates offered by traditional telecom companies.
  1. High International Calling Rates – If your business places a high number of international calls, you’ll be able to save even more money on your monthly phone bills, with the lower international calling rates that are available with VoIP Phone Systems for Business. Many VoIP Calling plans offer international calling rates that are up to 75% less than the rates charged by traditional telecom providers.
  1. Travel Expenses – When your company has offices in different geographical locations, the travel expenses for air fare and hotels can really add up, to bring employees together for important face-to-face meetings. VoIP Phone Systems for Business provide a low cost alternative for on premise meetings, supplying a platform that supports voice calls, video conferencing and real-time collaboration. This helps your business communicate efficiently, regardless of the physical distance between your workers, while eliminating the time and cost burden of frequent business travel.

VoIP PBX Systems are the first choice for companies who want cutting-edge phone services that also save time and money. Contact a BroadConnect representative today, to find the Best VoIP Solution for your business.