Why Librarians Need to Understand Cyber Security

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 8:29am by admin

The library is a hub of activity in a community. In order to survive, libraries across the country have had to recreate themselves. This has meant a major change in what they do and the services they offer. In order to stay on top of things, libraries have had to introduce technology. With this introduction, librarians have had to become more educated in how to use different technology and develop safe systems for storing the libraries records and information, along with creating safe systems for patrons to use. There are several good reasons why librarians are being expected to become familiar with cyber security.

Cyber Security

To Keep Systems Running Properly

Hackers can cause a major issue with any computer system. If they gain access, they can steal information, mess up coding and cause a lot of issues within the system. Many of these problems can be really tough to fix and some problems cannot be reversed. Hackers can enter in new codes that cause errors and even erase information. Losing information or not being able to access a system spells trouble and affects the libraries ability to function.
Even simple things, such as checking in and out books, can be made impossible or very difficult when a system is messed up. In fact, technology may affect many things a librarian does, such as what you can click here to learn more about. In order to prevent these problems, librarians have to be aware of what cyber security measures need to take place in order to keep unwanted visitors out of their system.

To Ensure Patron Protection

As mentioned, hackers can also steal information from a system. Many libraries gather patron information to keep files on them. This information can include things like names, addresses and maybe even social security numbers. Access to this information is a great catch for criminals who are looking to steal identities. Patrons give libraries their information in good faith and with the belief that it will be protected. If a library gets hacked and that information is then stolen, the library loses credibility and patrons may be afraid to do business with them just as would be with any business.
In the same vein as top companies, like those mentioned by MVU Online, use technology to protect customers, libraries do too. Librarians have to be aware of signs that information has been stolen and know how to put safeguards in place to protect any stored information.

To Assist Patrons

Libraries use technology in many ways. They use it to keep inventory, monitor book check-outs and patron activity, inform the public of activities, provide easy search methods for patrons, and organize library activities. In addition, technology is now part of the service a library offers. They use it to offer ebooks and internet access to patrons. All these different aspects of technology that the library uses have to have built in security. For example, if the library’s ebook system gets hacked, they could end up losing access to the ebooks, which would hurt patrons. In order to keep everything working and running properly, a librarian needs to be able to protect it with the right cyber security methods.

It’s easy to see now why librarians need to understand cybersecurity. Being aware of all the many ways that lapses in security can affect how a library functions, enables a librarian to be able to properly protect their systems and patrons.